Feature #1 – 3 supplements in 1
WE CAREFULLY CRAFTED NEURAL BOOST TO SUPPORT YOUR MEMORY, MOOD, AND FOCUS! It is an easy addition to a healthy nutritional plan and is designed to be taken daily as a tonic.

Feature #2 – It tastes great!
Why struggle your way to health with products that you don’t like, capsules that require multiple doses a day, or tinctures that taste like alcohol? We want you to have a pleasurable experience when you take our product.

Feature #3 – Potency
As a bulk powder mix Neural Boost offers a more powerful effect and better value compared to most supplements. Each serving is 7,800mg which is equivalent to 15+ capsules of 500mg.

Feature #4 – Transparency
Our transparent label lists the exact amount of each ingredient we use. As a consumer you have the right to know what is in your supplements and how much you are getting of each ingredient.

Feature #5 – Purity
Neural Boost is a natural supplement for brain health made from: cacao, coconut milk, coconut sugar, blueberry, lion’s mane fruiting body extract, bacopa, rhodiola, amla, nutmeg, vanilla, and wild harvested sea salt.

Feature #6 – additional resources
Includes a recipe book with 5 delicious ways to use Neural Boost in drinks and meals and a free copy of Reclaim Your Mental Vitality which is 166 pages of complimentary brain health resources.

Feature #7 – Giving Back
We are here to serve your health and the health of the Planet. With that in mind we decided to donate each month to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Their mission is to plant 18 billion edible fruit and nut trees worldwide.

Feature #8 – Try it risk free!
We carefully crafted Neural Boost to be effective and feel confident you will love it, but if not, then please return it within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.